The Packet Post Mythologist Michael Meade Visits “Morning Show” on November 4th.

Mythologist Michael Meade Visits “Morning Show” on November 4th.

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Renowned mythologist Michael Meade, author of Why the World Doesn’t End: Tales of Renewal in Times of Loss, visits the ‘Morning Show’ on November 4th to discuss how today’s political and climate related calamities – which can make it appear as though apocalypse is imminent – is nothing new, but displays a perpetual cosmic oscillation between collapse and renewal.
Host Mary Jacobsen will interview Meade about the roots of the Greek word, apokalypsis, which means not the “fiery end of everything,” but “lifting the veil,” revealing hidden wounds to nature and culture. The root of the word “end,” Meade has written, is “loose ends,” or threads to be rewoven into new forms.
The accelerating collapse in our current institutions, Meade says, brings us closer to urgently needed renewal.
In the U.S., Meade says, the lifted veil reveals needed transformation in the realms of racial justice, as well as strengthening democracy and caring for the earth.
Our destiny is to be alive during a time of collapse, and our challenge, says Meade, is not to get lost in fear or despair, but to attune to our inner Genius, which in mythological terms refers not to IQ, but to the indwelling spirit each of us is born with.
When we seek inside our own souls for healing and creation, Meade has written, we become “agents of the little redemptions that ransom the world from the edge of chaos.” And that, says Meade, is why “the world does not end.”

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