WJOP 96.3 FM, Joppa Radio

WJOP 96.3 FM, Joppa Radio, is a licensed low power (LP) independent radio based in Newburyport with a 3-10 mile radius coverage area through the FM dial but unlimited through live streaming. Programming includes local information and interviews, sports, and music you won’t find on your typical mainstream FM station; classical, chamber, opera, choral, jazz, roots, protest songs, history, world and our own local artists!

WJOP is not the new WNBP. WNBP is a commercial radio station purchased by Bloomberg News in 2017 and is no longer in existence as The Legends. WJOP Joppa Radio is a separate FCC license that was granted to Greater Newburyport Community Media Hub, Inc. in 2016. When WNBP was sold, WJOP created two programs in an attempt to continue the flow of local information. The radio announcers previously worked at WNBP which may have caused confusion. WJOP is a non-commercial radio station.

The Metropolitan Opera Saturday Radio Broadcasts will be broadcast live on WJOP 96.3 FM Joppa Radio Newburyport. The season begins Saturday, December 1st at 1:00 PM and runs through Saturday, May 11th. The first opera will be Boits’s Mefistofele.
For more information visit the Metropolitan Opera’s website.

2018-19 Radio Broadcast Schedule