The Packet Post Boston’s Organized Crime Focus of ‘Morning Show’

Boston’s Organized Crime Focus of ‘Morning Show’

by: Jessica Harrington

‘Boston Globe’ crime reporter Emily Sweeney will visit the “Morning Show” on Thursday, April 1st to discuss her books, “Boston Organized Crime” and “Gangland Boston.”

Host Mary Jacobsen will interview Sweeney about the rise of organized crime in Boston, with a particular focus on the crime wave launched by Prohibition, the 100th anniversary of which was marked last year.

Sweeney will explain factors that led to New England becoming a “hotbed for illegal liquor,” thereby triggering frequent and deadly gang violence. She will also outline the methods crime syndicates used to distribute contraband liquor, including the role of rum runners, speakeasies, and widespread payoffs to officials and law enforcement at every level.

As Sweeney’s books make clear, the story of Boston’s organized crime is rife with tales of extravagant fortunes gained and lost, turf wars that turn lethal, unsolved mysteries, and of course, countless cautionary tales.

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