The Packet Post  “Demon-Haunted Land” Author On ‘Morning Show’

 “Demon-Haunted Land” Author On ‘Morning Show’

by: Jessica Harrington
Professor Monica Black will visit “The Morning Show” on Thursday, February 25th to discuss her new book, A Demon-Haunted Land: Witches, Wonder, and the Ghosts of the Past in Post-WWII Germany.
After the war, Germans remained relentlessly silent about the genocide they had participated in or been complicit with. As Black’s book documents, however, failure to speak of atrocities doesn’t mean they don’t move “murkily in the depths as the ever-present memory and fact of war.”
Black describes how silence and Germans’ unmet need to honestly address the horrors of genocide and deal with repressed guilt resulted in supernatural eruptions to fill in the moral void, including messianic faith healers, conspiracy theories, exorcisms, and yes, even witch trials.
Black will discuss how we might apply insights from one era’s “demon-haunted” land to fathom the depth psychology underlying our  current turbulent, conspiracy-saturated social and political landscape in the U.S.
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