The Packet Post The Power of Listening Featured on ‘Morning Show’

The Power of Listening Featured on ‘Morning Show’

by: Jessica Harrington

Nock Middle School English Language Arts teacher Eric Schildge and Social Studies teacher Jennifer Groskin, visit “The Morning Show” on Thursday, December 31st, accompanied by several 8th graders enrolled in a class on learning to listen in a planned, purposeful way.

Host Mary Jacobsen will interview the teachers and students about how focused listening provides them with a powerful learning tool: it hones their curiosity; enables them to understand and connect better with people; and fosters insight into their own perspectives and values as well as those of others.

               “When I read about Schildge’s and Groskin’s class a few weeks ago in the ‘Daily News,’ I knew they were onto something all of us could benefit from,” says Jacobsen.

               “We live in a famously divisive era when it’s often noted that we’ve forgotten how to listen. We often wind up talking past one another, at best, and at worst, shouting at one another or shutting down.

“If younger generations can master skillful listening, perhaps they can lead us past the divisiveness of these times into calmer and wiser ones.”

Students visiting the show are Sophie LaVallee, Lucy Buchmayr, Isla DeVivo, Maya LaRosa, Quinn Donovan, and Brian Lucy. They will discuss how listening skills improved not only the conversations they had with people they interviewed for class assignments, but also with people in their lives outside the classroom.

“The Morning Show” airs Thursday at 9 a.m. on Channel 9 and WJOP (FM 96.3) and live streams on YouTube (visit and click on YouTube). After broadcast, the show is available on the YouTube Playlist for “The Morning Show.”

               Each show will also air on WJOP on Friday at 8 a.m. and the following Tuesday at 4 p.m. and Wednesday at 3 p.m., and is available on the Sound Cloud (click on the cloud icon at

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