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Water Cents — Show, Teach, Save

by: Jessica Harrington

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Water Cents — Show, Teach, Save

Newburyport, MA June 12, 2020 — Newburyport is partnering with the Great American Rain Barrel Co. and is offering residents the opportunity to buy discounted rain barrels to help homeowners save money and help the city manage its water supplies, says, Molly M. Ettenborough Recycling and Energy Manager, City of Newburyport. 

Educating our Children Begins at Home
Researchers have conducted studies to discover methodologies that were successful in helping homeowners and towns manage their water supplies. One solution is to educate children to help combat issues of storm water runoff and involve communities in the process. Children can learn how to harvest rain and runoff from their home’s downspouts and use the water for plants, beds or pots that require moist soil. Rain barrels are also great to use as an outdoor water source to top off your pool or wash your car.Anytime we can add conservation to our daily activities, means we are thinking about the future and exhibiting good stewardship for the earth. This is a very important concept to share with others, especially our younger population.”  remarked Tom Cusick, Water Treatment Superintendent of Newburyport.  

The Wettest Year on Record for Massachusetts.
About 61 inches of rain fell on Massachusetts in 2018 — its wettest year on record — with 3 feet falling in the second half of the year. The 2018 mark was more than 16 inches above the Massachusetts 20th-century average, continuing the slight upward trend in the state’s annual average precipitation.

Yet… 31% of MA Cities and Towns had Water Bans in 2019 — 29% of which Were Mandatory.
Even with record rainfall, water storage is a problem. Rising temperatures associated with climate change will likely continue to increase precipitation in areas already experiencing record rainfall.  The warming trend continued in 2019, making it the second-hottest year in NOAA’s 140-year climate record just behind 2016. As the earth’s average temperature continues to rise, we can expect a significant impact on water resources.

To find out more about the barrels and participate in The Great American Rain Barrel Program, please visit: and select your community. Barrels are offered for $69, and will be available for pick up on Thursday, June 25th, 5:00-7:00pm at the Recycling Center, Colby Farm Lane – off Low St Newburyport, MA 01950.  

About the Great American Rain Barrel

The Great American Rain Barrel is a local food importing company that has been repurposing shipping drums into Rain Barrels since 1988. Last year, 30% of Massachusetts Cities and Towns partnered with The Great American Rain Barrel Co., selling over 3000 barrels. The Great American Rain Barrel Co. has been an approved vendor by the MASS DEP since 2010. 




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