The Packet Post Nourishing the Greater Newburyport Community Media Hub

Nourishing the Greater Newburyport Community Media Hub

by: Jessica Harrington

In May 2019 NCM Hub became a member of Nourishing the Northshore’s nonprofit Community Garden. You can read more about their journey here in a previous Packet Post. The garden at Nourishing the Northshore strives to create broader access to fresh and affordable food in the North Shore area. And by joining NNS, we hope to encourage other nonprofits and businesses alike to take advantage of their local community gardens. We are also looking forward to exploring the benefits that come with growing our own produce. Currently we are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, summer squash, a variety of peppers, and more. And as soon as our plants begin to produce, we are eager to donate to NNS’s VEGOUT farm stand. The garden is a community space where people work, learn and interact, and in these ways NCM Hub is not unlike the garden. 

Though filled with technology and not vegetation, both of these nonprofits provide a community space for learning and community engagement. At NCM Hub we have desktop computers, and at NNS there are garden beds. Both spaces provide a place to work in different ways. By documenting the progress of our garden, we have learned that there is beauty in the balance between nature and technology. Each week there comes a time at NCM Hub, usually by around Tuesday, when we have produced live events, edited numerous videos, organized endless digital files, and or tinkered with computer programs for quite some time. It is in times like these when we start getting tired of our computer screens, and we benefit greatly by taking a trip to the garden.

Deciding to participate in Nourishing the Northshore’s Organic Community Garden has served as a daily reminder to us at NCM Hub to put our health and wellbeing first. Because of the garden we have been able to take a break from work in a meaningful and beneficial way. Not only do we believe these trips to the garden have helped refresh our minds during a hard work week, but it has brought us closer together as community members and NCM Hub staff. We are continually filming our experiences at the garden, so stay posted for more on NCM Hub’s journey in growing fresh produce at Nourishing the Northshore’s Organic Community Garden. 

Jessica Harrington

Jessica Harrington

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