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Community Partners Grant Program

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The Newburyport Affordable Housing Trust is pleased to announce the debut of its new Community Partners Grant Program. The Trust will manage this program that offers small grants of up to $10,000 for registered non-profit organizations who own and/or manage affordable residential units in Newburyport to be put toward costs associated with projects, repairs, and replacement of appliances in the units. This program is intended to assist these organizations in funding very small repair-type projects for the general improvement of the affordable units so that non-profits can continue to provide safe, clean, and efficient housing opportunities in the community.

Funding may be used for smaller items and tasks including, but not limited to, replacing carpets, replacing aged or broken appliances, and installing safety features like smoke alarms. Routine maintenance, cleaning, and the like are not eligible projects. The Affordable Housing Trust shall evaluate each application and determine if the proposed expenditure meets the Community Partners Program intent. The Trust shall not grant funding to project(s) that have already begun and/or are completed prior to an application submittal and its consideration by the Trust.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year; the Affordable Housing Trust will accept and consider applications until such time all available funding for this program is expended. Applications will be considered at the Trust’s regularly-scheduled monthly meetings.

For more information regarding eligibility and the application process, as well as a copy of the application to the Community Partners Grant Program, please go to the following link:

This program is being funded by Community Preservation Act funds.

Press Release

Press Release

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