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A Directory of Community Media Centers compiled by Alliance for Community Media – updated December 2020

Growing Healthy Digital Ecosystems During COVID-19 and Beyond
Colin Rhinesmith and Susan Kennedy
Published by the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society
November 2020
This report presents findings from a survey of individuals representing a diverse group of organizations
across the United States that are part of formal, informal, or emerging digital inclusion coalitions.

Local Journalism: America’s Most Trusted News Sources Threatened
Local journalism—America’s trusted source of unbiased and accurate
information—is disappearing. This report finds that over the past two decades,
the local newspaper industry has lost around 70 percent of its total revenue.
Local broadcasters are facing similar difficulties, with advertising revenues down
more than 40 percent. Full report here.

The Coming Era of “Civic News”
Empowering every American with a refundable tax credit for a subscription, membership, or donation to a local media outlet will revitalize the free press.
by Steven Waldman

PEG Access Media Become Local Communication Hubs in Crisis
Public, educational and governmental (PEG) cable channels often get little respect from cable viewers. But in a pandemic, they turned out to be critical communications resources. Acting as virtual town hall and public square, PEG access media showed that public communication resources are essential, and not just in a crisis.
Read the full report, coauthored by Patricia Aufderheide, Antoine Haywood and Mariana Sánchez Santos.